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we find it for U
we inspect it with U
we negotiate it for U


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All of us at UPWARD Real Estate Buyers Agents are on YOUR side. From Founding Principal, to Buyers Agents, to Researchers, to Admin and Support team, we are all on your side all of the time. As your Real Estate Buyer’s Team, we represent YOUR interests 100% and not the interests of the seller.


  • UPWARD will only represent U... Neither this Agency nor any agent of this agency will have any seller’s listings.
  • The Upward Team listen and understand U... We have the knowledge and expertise to Consult with you to determine the type and location of property which best serves your needs and desires. This is otherwise known as your “Wish List...”
  • The Upward Team search and shortlist for U... Diligently your representative will put into action a search strategy to target your market for the type and location of available properties for sale determined by you in the “Wish List”.
  • The Upward Team inspect property with U... Point out any general weaknesses of the property as well as its strengths.
  • The Upward Team will be by your side right through to organizing keys at settlement.
  • The Upward Team have access to real estate data… this is the peace of mind information which empowers you to make well informed decisions with total confidence.
  • The Upward Team negotiate for U... Negotiate, exclusively on your behalf for the lowest available purchase price, and most favourable financial terms and conditions for you. We put into place the tough negotiation strategies that work.
  • The Upward Team communicate and provide regular updates to U... Keeping you fully informed on a weekly basis as to the progress of your property search.
  • The Upward Team will co-ordinate all the support services whilst liaising with your legal and financial team to ensure essential deadlines are achieved within the scheduled timeframes.

UPWARD Real Estate Buyers Agents provide a unique and essential service of exclusively representing the real estate buyer. We seek out, negotiate and purchase the property on the buyer’s behalf, following their specific needs and criteria.

Our aim is to gain the lowest possible price and most favourable terms and conditions for our buyers as well as giving back to our buyers their weekends’ social life, and whilst saving them time and money.