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Firstly, I would personally like to thank you for making the time to consider a new approach to buying your next home or investment property…

Like you, I too questioned:

“Why pay someone else to find and
negotiate my property purchase when
I can do this myself for FREE?…

Our Buyers Agency is dedicated to delivering a personalized and safe property buying service
through “exclusive buyer representation”

Why use Team Upward?

Welcome to the Future of Property Purchasing! Friends and relatives will all want to help you buy a home! Don’t allow them to make your major decision. They mean well but realistically they lack the knowledge and expertise of a full-time professional buyers agent who does it on a daily basis.

We exist to get the best deal for our client.

Putting off the decision to buy can waste thousands of dollars in rent and/or opportunity costs. Act Now!

Over 95% of our business is a result of referrals from very happy clients...

Clients have chosen The Upward
Team because:

  • They value their time and only want to inspect a shortlist of suitable property.
  • They would prefer to spend their weekends and spare time with family and friends
  • They want access to the silent listing which are not found on the public market
  • They are close to selling or have sold and want to avoid the extra cost and wasted energy of a double move...
  • They want value for money and the confidence they have paid market value or less
  • They want an EX-Real Estate (selling) Agent representing them as only then is there a level playing ground.
  • They want a knowledgeable real estate negotiator on their side, hence reducing the emotional stress and paying too much MONEY.
  • They want to keep their identity confidential.